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Zentriforce Pharma Quality Promise

Scientific Expertise

At ZentriForce Pharma, project work is performed and supervised by senior scientists that are experienced and proficient in all aspects of their respective analytical domains, including theory and instrumentation. We work closely together with renowned experts in hydrodynamics, including Professor Stephen E. Harding from the NCMH Nottingham as scientific advisor and Professor Dr. Helmut Cölfen from the University of Konstanz as a close cooperation partner in ongoing scientific projects. Our dedication and involvement concerning advances in the technology and theory of our analytical services keeps us up-to-date with innovations and developments.

Cutting Edge Instrumentation

ZentriForce Pharma only uses state-of-the-art analytical equipment. We are in close contact with the manufacturers to further improve the instruments and to not miss out on new developments. Therefore, we can provide the highest possible quality service for our customers.

Full Service

We offer analytical services using superior techniques, such as analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC) or asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation (AF4). As these techniques are complex and in need of highly qualified operators, they have not yet found application in many laboratories. We offer expert analysis on all available ZentriForce techniques, and include a full-service program. We help you choose the analytical technique that is most appropriate for analysis of your sample, and we assist you in understanding the resulting data. We not merely tabulate figures. We thoroughly discuss results and provide you with you feedback and recommendations. You will have our full support.

ZentriForce Quality System

ZentriForce Pharma has established a laboratory quality system that closely follows the extensive and detailed guidelines provided by the WHO and the principle of “writing what you do and doing what you write”. ZentriForce implements procedural, equipment and analytical SOPs. These ensure that equipment is correctly operated and meticulously maintained by qualified personnel only, that customer samples are handled by trained laboratory operators with utmost care and precision, and that confidentiality has highest priority in all aspects of our relationship with our customers.

Full Source data review

ZentriForce carries out a full source data review on all produced data to ensure that the results we report to you are correct, reliable and trustworthy. We carry out qualification for each of our general templates and macros before they are released for use. This includes the ones custom develop for your project.

Training Plan

We have implemented a comprehensive training program for new employees that includes active training on our wide range of standard operation procedures (SOPs). Processes are defined and guidelines in place to ensure uniformity, reproducibility, traceability and reliability of our work. Our SOPs cover topics that range from rounding of figures, over document control, to correct usage and maintenance of calibrated and high-precision instruments. Extensive trainings and quality documents ensure that costumer samples are always handled correctly Cautious, efficient and proficient treatment of your samples is a priority to all employees. We do our very best to reduce variability of results due to user dependence to an absolute minimum.

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